Botox Party

HiSpa Medical Spa & Salon Botox Party Guidelines

  1. The host will be responsible for contacting individuals that are invited to the party. HiSpa Medical Spa & Salon will set up a date & time so that we can schedule your party. We require a minimum of 5 guests to warrant staying after hours and supplying refreshments. In the event that less than 5 guests participate, the percentage to the host will be 10% of actual profit.
  2. The host will receive 20% of the actual profit (Total profit – cost of product) at the end of the party in the form of cash. The host, however, does not receive 20% of their own services received. The 20% is based on actual paying clients that the host brings for the scheduled party only.
  3. Services can be done during the party as time permits. However, those services not completed during the party can be scheduled for another day and time and will count as party revenue.
  4. Discounts on all services will be offered to you and your friends that evening only. We will honor any Specials we are currently running at that time as well. However, we can’t stack 2 specials on top of each other for the same treatment as we will honor one or the other (whichever is of a better value to the client).