Whenever you hear about laser hair removal, they might make it sound like the ultimate hair removal option for everyone. Any time you’re getting into hair removal, skin treatment, and other areas of the body, results vary. Some skin types are more sensitive than others. Different hair types might not respond the same way to lasers. Of course, experts have created different technologies that fit under the laser hair removal umbrella. Most professionals just keep one. Depending on the machine, the cost could easily go into the six figures. That’s without considering any maintenance, repair, and other costs.

One of the most important things a technician can do starts before the laser ever comes out. They can talk to clients about goals, skin type, and other qualifying factors. This is just one type of hair removal. It provides long-term benefits for the right patient. If you aren’t the ideal type, technicians can explain why and discuss other options. Then you can make an informed decision about the options you want to explore.

With the right technology, even previously poor candidates can get great results with laser hair removal. You should always ask the clinic you’re working with. Many clinics still use the original and powerful units that are best for select hair types. If they have multiple machines, you can discuss the benefits of each one.

What Kind of Candidate Are You?

With traditional laser hair removal machinery, the ideal candidate has olive skin tones and dark hair. This allows the lasers to recognize the melanin in the hair without damaging the skin around it. If your hair is too dark, it could cause pigmentation and other damage. Those with light hair might have trouble getting results at all. Brown or black hair has long been ideal for red hair being especially resistant.

Of course, even for those outside the general ideal now, it’s important to be aware of what you’re getting. You need an experienced technician to operate the machinery. You can get more hair while also preventing scarring and pigmentation. What are the differences for patients going in now?

Those who were previously advised not to get laser hair removal should never be afraid to ask questions. Some even schedule consultations with multiple providers to find the right laser treatment for their needs. Machines that use a combination of radio frequency energy and traditional lasers are most effective for darker hair.

If you have lighter hair, specialists can also discuss alternatives that are safer and more effective. If you’re outside the general spectrum, you still need to consider different factors. It’s not always as simple as it can seem online or on ads.

What Patients Should Know about Laser Hair Removal Going In

Your unique hair and skin types will always be the most obvious factors. These give you an idea of how the hair might respond to different laser treatments. It can also help you decide which one is right for you. For patients with darker skin types or lighter hair, there are other things to keep in mind.

  • Some patients might only achieve a 40% reduction in hair. The laser still has to get to the root of the hair. Unfortunately, some hairs won’t respond to lasers as effectively as you might hope.
  • Your success is partially dependent on how you follow your schedule. Are you making all your appointments on time? Laser hair removal specialists have to work with each patient’s natural growth cycles. You might not see noticeable results for a few treatments.
  • You can look at before and after pictures. If you’re concerned about your results, you can look for a diverse range of skin and hair types on a clinic’s website. You can look for signs of scarring or pigmentation as well as how much hair is removed. A clinic with a wide range of patient types online can offer feedback on the things that make the difference.
  • The procedure isn’t permanent. Laser hair removal uses lasers to get to the root of the hair for long-term benefits. Patients will need regular touch-ups to keep hair from creeping back. This is especially common with fine hairs that can be more stubborn.

Get the Ideal Results with Laser Hair Removal

If you’re sick of pesky hair always coming back, HiSpa MediSpa and Salon can help. Our experts have the latest in laser hair removal technology. We offer consultations for each patient. This way, you can be sure you’re getting what you need. We can answer any questions you might have and move forward with the right treatment when you’re ready. For more information on your options with HiSPa MediSpa and Salon, click here.