When people in Hollywood first hear about laser hair removal, they think of smooth legs and armpits. They might even picture hairless upper lips and other areas of the face. This increasingly popular service isn’t always as simple as you might imagine it. Laser hair removal can produce smooth, hairless results. It isn’t always that simple. Specialists can determine if you’re the right type of candidate for hair removal. It can also be costly, but the price depends on what areas you’re treating.

If you read certain articles about laser hair removal, you might leave thinking everybody should have it. Before you make any decisions, you should always talk to a professional. Talk to them about your goals and ask what might help you get those results. Laser hair removal isn’t the same beast it was in the early days. Even five years ago, it was substantially different than what you can expect now.

Many potential patients still have the same questions. They want to know if it’s expensive, how much it hurts, and more. For many of these questions, the answer is it isn’t that simple. It depends on the patient. If you’ve considered it as an option, you can get a few misunderstandings out of the way.

Get the Facts with Hollywood Experts about Laser Hair Removal

If you’re confused about the facts, you’re not alone. Even people who have gotten the procedure before might not have all the facts. The biggest problem is they don’t know it. You can get many common misperceptions out of the way.

  1. It’s Not That Expensive

    Laser hair removal comes at a higher initial cost. Especially when you compare it to the ongoing cost of waxing, it’s not nearly as expensive as you might think. When it was just starting out in the 90s, patients might spend thousands of dollars on a small area. With laser hair removal becoming increasingly popular, customers can expect to spend less. Of course, you might spend more in some fancy medical spas or if you want specialized treatments or extra services. Where you get your services is up to you.
    It’s Less Painful than Waxing

    Patients should know the laser causes some pain. This is an unavoidable part of the process. Many experts and patients estimate it’s about half as painful compared to waxing. The machine uses small lasers to find and eliminate hair follicles instead of pulling it out. This protects the skin instead of stripping away layers. Depending on the patient, technicians can sometimes turn down the laser strength as well.

  2. It’s Quick

    Especially as you start to thin out the area, treatments are quick. They typically take about ten minutes. So you can make appointments on your lunch break. The laser kills off about 10% of your hair follicles each time. So you should count on repeated appointments every few weeks. This allows you to keep up with hair’s natural growth cycles.

  3. Laser Hair Removal Is More Accessible than You Think

    Many people wonder where they’ll get the treatment. If you live in a rural area, you might have to drive to a larger area just as you would for many other services. Most cities have multiple laser hair removal clinics. If you run a quick Google search, you can probably find several treatment centers near you. You can use this to compare prices, reviews, and more.

  4. It Works Better for Some than Others

    Laser hair removal isn’t equally effective for everyone. The laser has to be able to find the hair. If you have dark hair and dark skin, lasers sometimes have trouble differentiating. If you have light hair, the laser isn’t always as effective. People with dark hair and olive skin often see the best results with laser hair removal. Even when you’re not the ideal candidate, you can still expect results. Professionals can advise you on the kind of results you can expect and any risks associated with it. Sometimes, experts have solutions such as different types of lasers.

Hollywood Residents Can Find Plenty of Options for Laser Hair Removal

If you’re sick of always shaving or waxing, laser hair removal could be the next step. Hollywood is full of people who want smooth legs, underarms, and other areas. They’re sick of ingrown hairs, expensive waxing bills, and stubble. They want hair to permanently disappear. If you’re ready to commit, laser hair removal is more accessible than ever before.

Hollywood has plenty of laser hair removal clinics. HiSpa MedSpa & Salon can offer a personalized consultations to help you get the facts. Then you can make an informed decision about how you plan to move forward. For more information on your options, pricing, and more, click here.